Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beetles, leafs, and Ginger!!!!

The Southern Pine Beetle can be found in the Southern parts of the  U.S., Mexico, and Central America.
Also this beetle is said to be one of the most destructive animals of the forest. 

Leaf litter decomposition in the Tapajos National
Forest in Brazil. 
Leaf before it goes through the decomposition process. 

Decomposition of leaf litter is a major source of nutrients in forest ecosystems. As leaves are broken down by insect and microbial decomposers, organically-bound nutrients are released as free ions to the soil solution which are then available for uptake by plants. In this exercise students will measure the rate of decomposition of leaf litter during winter, spring, and summer at contrasting sites using the litter bag technique.

Wild Ginger is a heart shaped  Plant
can grow to be between  6-15 inches
usually around Spring time. These plants
are also used for medical treatments.



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