Sunday, December 12, 2010


 The movie Silkwood was about a company that was producing dangerous chemicals such as plutonium. A woman by the the name of Karen Silkwood become aware of the unethical issues that were going on at the chemical plant she was working at. Being that the company knew they were producing chemicals that were harmful to the environment and the workers , which caused many of them to leave the plants or have the chemicals painfully scrubbed off of them. Karen Silkwood later died in a car accident.

In my opinion, these same issues arise in our society today with industrial companies that know their plant is producing harmful chemicals and they do not want to change their ways of production because of loss monetary gains. The movie was interesting I thought it goes to show how far environmental policies have come  about due to media, grassroot movements, and governmental policies being implemented.

Just a little tree huggin

Tree hug!